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Purebrush system is truly 21st century preventive medicine. I have tested the Purebrush system both in the laboratory and with patients and have found that the Purebrush system substantially reduces disease-causing microorganisms. The Purebrush System is an excellent way of preventing both dental and systemic diseases.
Purebrush has been proven clinically superior in clinical studies in reducing infectious microorganisms when tested against the other toothbrush Sterilizer, Sanitizer, Purifier or Terminator models currently on the market. Please review clinical studies page".
Richard T. Glass, DDS., Ph.D.

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Customer Testimonials

    • "Purebrush provides the protection they need..."
    • "Because people forget to change their toothbrushes as often as they should, Purebrush provides the protection they need."
    • by Robert M. Fernandez DDS
    • "Dr visits have decreased dramatically..."
    • Purebrush is wonderful! I have two small children and our doctor visits have decreased dramatically since we purchased our Purebrush. I really think your product is great and I believe that you are doing a great thing for people's health.
    • by Johanna Wilder (Zephyrhils Fl.)
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