Antibacterial Toothbrush Purifier

Diane Sawyer of ABC News Reports


In an interview on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and Dr. Richard T. Glass, Diane Sawyer and Dr. Glass discuss toothbrush contamination in a segment they called "What's on your toothbrush"

Diane - "Your toothbrush can be incubating things that can really hurt you."

Diane - "Dr. Tom Glass is an Oral Pathologist at Oklahoma State University. He spent years studying the toothbrush. His research concludes that a toothbrush can make you sick. It can be a home to the cold and flu virus, the herpes virus that causes cold sores, staphyuccacus that causes ear, nose, and throughout infections, and candid a fungus that causes mouth ulcers."

Glass - "It takes approximately two weeks for the average toothbrush to become so heavily laden with microorganisms that can either produce disease or propitiate disease that you are really defying the purpose of using your toothbrush."

Diane - " If you want to boil it [toothbrush] can you boil it. If you like put it in Listerine will that make a difference?"

Glass - " We have proformed all those tests in our research. First of all, those chemical sterilents don't work, and it is because they can't get to where the organisms are. You can boil it for eight hours, but how many people are going to boil it. Now there is a remedy. An ultraviolet, light toothbrush purifier."

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