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Purebrush Thank You
I was diagnosed with Stage 4 squamous cell carcinoma in early July, 2006. The primary tumor was under my tongue and had escaped early detection. I underwent 7 weeks of daily radiation (IMRT) with concurrent infusion with cysplatin - 3 infusions total. I was warned that I would likely have mouth lesions and my dental health was at risk because of the direct effect of the radiation and the loss of salivary function. My treatment team stressed the importance of good oral hygiene. I used your Purebrush along with a fluoride treatment and had no problems. My only mouth sores were caused directly by the radiation. Even when I was forced to use a feeding tube and lost all salivary function I did not suffer from infection. Important to me was the peace of mind I found knowing that I was taking the best care possible. After two months of continuous treatment and four months recovery I appear to be cancer free. I continue to use the Purebrush since I won't completely recover my salivary function so my dental health will always be at some added risk. Thank you for the great product!

Tom Kennedy

I just received my order today. Thank you for resending it so quickly and without any hassles. It is obvious maintaining excellent customer service is important to your company and not just some doublespeak, as I have unfortunately encountered with some other online retailers.

I still own the original PureBrush I purchased in 1996 and it still works great! Excellent testament to your company's quality control and industrial

Once again, thanks and you have a customer for life!

Charlie Han
Bell, California

Mr. Murdock,
Thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service. I am impressed with the product, and have especially noted the fresh smell of the brush. I must admit I found out about your product as a result of a class I attended. I am a member of a National Guard Homeland Defense Unit, and recently attended a small scale chemical and biological production course. In the course they noted that some labs are cleaned up using UV light. I specifically asked about toothbrush cleaners and they echoed your findings.
Thanks again for your kind assistance,
Steve Owens

Dear Murdock Laboratories, Inc.
I recently returned home to the desert after having undergone a series of seventy (70) combinations of radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments for Adinocarsenoma (stage III).
At the time of my initial interview at the Central Oregon Cancer Treatment Center, I was advised by the medical staff that I should expect moderate to severe mouth sores.
I got none!
Over that three month period of treatments your Purebrush product saved me countless days of discomfort and pain.
It really works!
I can not express enough gratitude for your inventing this wonderful product.
I am pleased to inform you that at the time of this writing the Central Oregon Cancer Treatment Center, St. Charles Hospital and the Bend Memorial Center all have information on your highly effective device and are counseling their patients to its benefits.
Congratulations for finding a solution for those of us who would otherwise have to go through unnecessary pain and emotional distress.
It is with respect and admiration that I remain gratefully yours.
Robert R. Quinlan Jr. (Cathedral City, CA.)

"I have been using your Purebrush product for approximately three and a half years. During that time, I have not so much as had the sniffles. Before I would get bronchitis at least once a year, usually right after Christmas. I am a believer in your product and heartily endorse it.
Donna L. Wright (Yorba Linda, CA.)

Dear Mr. Murdock
Thank you for being so considerate.
I am convinced of the importance of sterilizing toothbrushes. I did quite a bit of research on this subject, and have previously researched the benefits of Ultra Violet light for sterilizing and purifying. Within the last year, we have installed a UV water purification system and a UV air cleaning unit which have proved quite effective. Of toothbrush sterilizing products that I have found available, I believe that Purebrush is the best.
Thanks again,
Victor L. Meinecke (Two Harbors, MN.)

Dear Robert,
I received my new Purebrush today and am returning my old one to you as requested. I wanted to thank you so much for your exemplary customer service. I don't think I have ever dealt with a company who stood behind their product as your company did. I appreciate it very much. Anyway thanks again for taking such good care of us. It sure reduced my stress some as I am on a disability income and definitely wouldn't live without a Purebrush.
Very Sincerely,
Linda Alpert (Sacramento, CA.)

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your product.  Although I have a Radius brush and often need to run it through 2x, it really does the job. I would not think of not using the sanitizer now that I am spoiled.  Also, you sent me an extra light because of having to do it 2x, which shows the integrity and beyond the call of duty type of folks you are.
I am now talking others into purchasing one.
Thanks for a great product, and a great company.  I wish you folks well.
Larry Belin (Birmingham Al.)

Purebrush is wonderful! I have two small children and our doctor visits have decreased dramatically since we purchased our Purebrush.
I really think your product is great and I believe that you are doing a great thing for people's health.
Johanna Wilder (Zephyrhils Fl.)

"Great Product - I have been waiting a long time!"
"We have fewer colds while using it."
Roy Ridge (Richmond, Indiana)

"This is a great product!"
Joy Warech (Miami, Florida)

"Our 2nd Purebrush. Would not be without one."
Ken Wise (Orlando, Florida)

"Thank you for creating this kind of product. I always felt my toohbrushes weren't clean enough..."
Elisabeth Antoniades (Nutley, New Jersey)

"At last! A way to decontaminate my kids grimy toothbrushes."
Chetra Kotzas (Toms River, New Jersey)

"I got it because I thought it would be healthier for teeth and gums."
Barbara Lietzke

"My husband wanted this for Christmas and loves it."
Ellen Laurie (W. Hempstead, New York)

"This is great! Keep up the good work!"
Nikki Hronis (Oshkosh, Wisconsin)

"A good product!"
Lindy Stanley (Grafton, Massachusets)

We love having the Purebrush sanitizer. We have used it for almost ten years.
Jody & Paul Brazzo (via e-mail)

Your Purebrush is wonderful. We have told our dental hygenist about it and have told them they should start recommending them. Your customer service is great.
Peggy Kreger (via e-mail)

Assistant Professor of the Dental Hygiene Department in Orange County Community College wrote:
"Once again I would like to thank you for your donation of "Purebrush" to our Dental Hygiene Program.

Please be assured the students will learn about your system in their Dental Health Education course and pass the knowledge on to their clients. If you have any brochures detailing your product along with prices I would greatly appreciate it. Then we could pass this information along.

So....on behalf of our faculty, students and myself, a big thank you for your generous contribution."
Darlene Walsh,

"I like this unit very very much!!!"
Maurice Phillips (Jacksonville, Florida)

"Mr Murdock - has been a pleasure dealing with you and Murdock Labs. Thank you"
Malcom Norton (Tamarac, Florida)

"I find this product of great use. Every family should have one."
Barbara Hager (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

"Hope it fulfills your expectations. I would like to think my immune system will have less bacteria to deal with."
M. Lipari (Cambria, California)

"Down With Bacteria!"
J. Ferguson (Oyster Bay, New York)

"We love the Purebrush. After using, our teeth and mouth feel terrific!"
Jan Zarzycki (Center Valley, Pennsylvania)

"Great product!"
A.M. Schweizer (Sarasota, Florida)

"This is our second one. Also gave one as a gift."
Walter lang (Puyallup, Washington)

What Dentists are Saying

"The Purebrush system is truly 21st century preventive medicine. I have tested the Purebrush system both in the laboratory and with patients and have found that the Purebrush system substantially reduces disease-causing microorganisms. The Purebrush System is an excellent way of preventing both dental and systemic diseases."
Richard T. Glass, DDS., Ph.D. Chairman and Professor of OralPathology, Health Sciences Center, University of Oklahoma

"Sterilization of all instruments is standard procedure in my office to protect our patients against any harmful pathogens. My patients can now protect themselves and sterilize their toothbrush at home using a Purebrush. I use one, so should you." 
Anthony B. Rizzotti D.D.S.

“Purebrush has been an important component of my patient’s treatment protocol towards enhanced healing and prevention of gum disease and oral lesions.  Without it, potential for delayed healing and re-infection are obvious due to pathogens present in toothbrushes.”
Flora Stay, D.D.S.

"Today I purchased my second Purebrush for the office. As soon as I started using my one at home my health improved dramatically. Consequently, I now am ordering one for the office too, for brushing after lunch. I consider this one of the most important steps I've taken towards improving my well being."
Sally Choong, RN

"The only thing surprising about Purebrush is that it wasn't on the market years ago." 
George Crispo DDS.

" I would definitely recommend Purebrush to any of my patients. Personally, I wouldn't be without one."
Samuel Mallamo DDS.

" Purebrush is most innovative oral hygiene product to come on the market since the toothbrush itself".
Thomas W. Roberts DDS.

" After 25 years of treating gum diseases, I feel the introduction of Purebrush finally provides effective control of bacteria on your Toothbrush."
Morton G. Rivo DDS.

" As an Orthodontist, I recognize that youngsters need help in keeping their toothbrushes clean." 
James C. Penna DDS.

"I recommend the Purebrush to all my patients. It is a very effective method of cleaning toothbrushes." 
Michael G. Thorstad DDS.

"Purebrush resolves the major hygienic pitfalls for anyone using a toothbrush." 
Marshall I. Rothstein DDS.

"Purebrush Finally brings the toothbrush up to the standards of dental hygiene needed today and in the future." 
Michael J. Pink, DDS.

"In this age of highly infectious diseases, I would recommend the protection afforded by the Purebrush to everyone."
Elizabeth A. Reiter, DDS

" The Purebrush brings "State of Art Technology" into the home. It is an ideal way to ensure your family's safety against the spread of illness causing bacteria." 
Michael A. Wong, DDS.

"Finally there is an oral care product designed to reduce the pathogens which are found to be involved in many infections" 
Stephen R. John DDS.

"The risk of spreading influenza, colds, strept throat, and other oral diseases via toothbrushes can be significantly reduced by using Purebrush." 
Ross M. Stangeland DDS.

"Because people forget to change their toothbrushes as often as they should, Purebrush provides the protection they need."
Robert M. Fernandez DDS.

"I recommend the Purebrush to all my patients, because good oral hygiene starts at the dentist office and is maintained in your home."
John A Lusardi DDS.

"The oral health care benefits of the Purebrush are tremendous." 
Nelson O.J. Wong DDS.

"As dentists, we recognize the need for infection control in our office. As parents of large families, we recognize the need for infection control in our homes."
Dr. Timothy V. Mc Carthy and Dr. Eileen Mc Carthy

Dear Sir,
Where have dentists been the last 35 years?  Recently my son in law had a serious bout with Wagener’s disease. Treatment of the problem entailed the use of immune-suppressive medications (steroids. and chemo) plus avoiding exposure to infections which could potentially be fatal.  As I lay half awake one recent morning thinking about his condition, I was contemplating solutions for his mouth.  Having been a dentist for 35 years why haven't I heard of your Purebrush system before? We need to educate the public and let the product sell itself.  If you need more exposure and could use a disciple to increase your sales, give me a call at
Thank you,
Bill Ehlinger DDS

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Customer Testimonials

    • "Purebrush provides the protection they need..."
    • "Because people forget to change their toothbrushes as often as they should, Purebrush provides the protection they need."
    • by Robert M. Fernandez DDS
    • "Dr visits have decreased dramatically..."
    • Purebrush is wonderful! I have two small children and our doctor visits have decreased dramatically since we purchased our Purebrush. I really think your product is great and I believe that you are doing a great thing for people's health.
    • by Johanna Wilder (Zephyrhils Fl.)
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