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Why Buy the Original Purebrush?

Twenty years ago, Murdock Laboratories created the Purebrush Toothbrush Sterilizer. Before that, no market existed for this kind of product. The reason is simple: No one understood the ways in which sanitized toothbrushes could help protect consumers from illnesses and bacteria that enter the bloodstream through the gums.

They do now. Our own clinical studies and independent ones conducted by top academic institutions, including the University of Oklahoma and State University of New York at Stony Brook, have consistently proven that the Purebrush disinfects toothbrushes. Moreover, these studies prove beyond a doubt that using a disinfected toothbrush everyday can reduce or eliminate the risk of either becoming ill or prolonging an illness. Amazingly, 99.9 percent of all yeasts, molds, viruses, and bacteria are eliminated when a toothbrush is stored in a Purebrush system.

Having already proven these benefits, Murdock Laboratories is now working with a major cancer research hospital to demonstrate the relief patients with impaired immune systems can get with Purebrush. We expect these studies to show that mouth sores, a by-product of chemotherapy, can be eliminated simply through use of a germ-free toothbrush. We also hope to prove that Purebrush will prevent or lower the risk of dental decay. Once completed, we will be posting the results of these studies on our web site.

We are proud of the serious work we have done and continue to do to show the many benefits of the Purebrush system. We also are proud to say we are the only product on the market to receive approval from the Food and Drug Administration and to carry the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Murdock Laboratories is committed to doing all we can to provide consumers with a high-quality professional product that does what it says it does: Make people healthier.

The bottom line: When choosing a toothbrush sterilizer, be sure the vendor you choose can say the same.


James O. Murdock III
President & CEO


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Customer Testimonials

    • "Purebrush provides the protection they need..."
    • "Because people forget to change their toothbrushes as often as they should, Purebrush provides the protection they need."
    • by Robert M. Fernandez DDS
    • "Dr visits have decreased dramatically..."
    • Purebrush is wonderful! I have two small children and our doctor visits have decreased dramatically since we purchased our Purebrush. I really think your product is great and I believe that you are doing a great thing for people's health.
    • by Johanna Wilder (Zephyrhils Fl.)
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