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With just about every item we buy, directions clearly inform the consumer on how to care for their purchase. Take for instance, the clothing we buy. They come with instructions on how to clean it. Dinnerware even comes with information on upkeep and hygiene. Ironically, not one toothbrush manufacturer gives recommendations on how to clean their product. As a healthcare provider, the detriment of using an unsanitary toothbrush is enough to make me want to share my knowledge.

It is mainly through the research of Richard T. Glass, D.D.S., Ph.D. and James Murdock, inventor of Purebrush, that the information is received concerning the importance of toothbrush sterilization. Investigation reveals that leaving your toothbrush unsanitized after each use is a sure way to spread disease. It is also a good way to make you sick. The environment of your toothbrush is a place where the cold, flu, and herpes virus strives. The microorganisms that cause ear, nose, and throat infections and Candida also thrive on the toothbrush. The worst part is that each time we brush our teeth the bacteria can get into our bloodstream. 

We are reintroducing the bacteria each time we brush our teeth. In addition, this can be a potential health risk for heart disease, ulcers, heartburn, and nausea. Most importantly, it can compromise the health of an individual who has an already existing weakened immune system. Dr. Glass says, " It takes about two weeks for the average toothbrush to become so heavily laden with micro-organisms that can either produce disease or perpetuate disease, that you're really defeating the purpose of using the toothbrush." In one study, it was found that not only the bristles were contaminated, but the microorganisms traveled up and down the handle. In fact, it is not safe to say that one individual's germs are his own.

Most families share a toothbrush holder or a drawl to store their  toothbrushes when they are not being used. The problem is that when one member of the family comes down with a virus, germs from that toothbrush spread to others. Dr. Glass also examined toothbrushes with end-rounded bristles. He noticed that after one week the bristles were 1/3 sharp and jagged. Two weeks later it became 2/3 jagged. Basically, the sharp bristles acted as needles and are able to inject organisms directly into oral tissues. During another study, Dr. Glass found that Streptococcus viridans, the organism that is known to cause caries can also "jump" from one toothbrush to another. Even HIV pro-viral DNA was found on a toothbrush. Dr. Glass feels that Purebrush Ultra Violet Light would do more than adequately kill the HIV. Purebrush eliminates the dark, wet, moist environment in which microbes thrive.

Purebrush is FDA, EPA, UL, and Good Housekeeping seal approved. This is not just an oral health product because it promotes overall health. Purebrush comes with four translucent toothbrushes. However, Purebrush works for all types of brushes, whether it is sonic, rotary, or manual, it can be sanitized. It is designed to dry and completely sanitize toothbrushes. Therefore, it can stop the introduction and proliferation of bacteria. It is better than other methods, such as the dishwasher or Listerine, because it gets down to the surface of the bacteria. It also has the ability to eliminate germs that cause strep throat, gingivitis, and thrush. The sterilization process takes one hour to completely abolish all bacteria.

Toothbrushes that have been subject to the Purebrush UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer were unable to recover live viruses where as air dried toothbrushes still had the virus thriving on it. Purebrush is compact in size, it conveniently fits on any counter, and brackets are included for easy wall mounting. The ultraviolet light causes no harm to the eyes because of the protective shield covering.

All instruments used in a dental office are sterilized without a second thought. The same rule should be applied at home. The product stands strong to many tests and clinical studies. It is a great way for infection control at home. In my personal opinion the product is fantastic! I was ready to find everything flaw in Purebrush and report it to my fellow classmates. True is, I could not find any. To get excited over a research project was certainly a first. The only negative statement I have about the product is that not many people know about it. With everything I have learned in lectures and with my own values, I whole heartily support the Purebrush UV Light Toothbrush Sanitizer.

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