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Dr. Dean Edell Reports

A special report with Dr. Dean Edell and Dr. Richard T. Glass, where Dr. Dean discusses toothbrush contamination in a segment where the Purebrush is touted as the solution.

Dr. Dean - " Most of us hate to let go of our toothbrushes. We treat them like a old friends. We use the same one day in and day out, until the bristles practically fall out. But a new report says, this could be a sure-fire way to spread disease. Ask a dentist."

Dr. Glass - "We have been able to demonstrate that a virus like the herpes virus will last in excess of fourteen days on a toothbrush and still be able to infect you."

Dr. Dean - "It gets worse because control studies find when you are sick you can re-infect yourself later on just by reusing your toothbrush. In fact new research says just about all new toothbrushes are designed to encourage the growth of nasty critters. For instance bacteria love dark moist places.

Toothbrushes with lots of bristles create lots of them [bacteria]. Pass on opaque brushes because they don't let the light in to kill the bad guys. The recommendation of experts: Two rows of a clear or transparent toothbrush. The Rolls Royce of toothbrush hygiene is ultraviolet light sterilizers, especially designed to zap germs with hi-powered light.

One study found that UV machines were capable of eliminating germs that cause Strep, Gingivitis, and even Thrush. Most important though for all of us is to realize that toothbrushes can spread disease."

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    • "Purebrush provides the protection they need..."
    • "Because people forget to change their toothbrushes as often as they should, Purebrush provides the protection they need."
    • by Robert M. Fernandez DDS
    • "Dr visits have decreased dramatically..."
    • Purebrush is wonderful! I have two small children and our doctor visits have decreased dramatically since we purchased our Purebrush. I really think your product is great and I believe that you are doing a great thing for people's health.
    • by Johanna Wilder (Zephyrhils Fl.)
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